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Diagnostic Services

inDNA Life Sciences Private Limited has developed and established a range of functional gene tests and companion gene panels .


Among the finest Diagnostic Centres in the city

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Pediagenetics "above" or "on top of" genetics

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Life is built one molecule at a time.

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The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind

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Infection biology

understanding host-pathogen molecular interaction

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The Power of High-End Diagnostics

Diagnosis that alters treatment & outcome.

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Why Choose inDNA

Our Mission

inDNA Life Sciences is committed to offer complete range of customised panel of DNA based diagnostic solutions which are accurate, reliable and affordable to patients and clinically relevant for doctors.

Our Vision

To personalise, predict and prevent diseases by making next generation DNA based diagnostics routine in the clinical practice.

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Solutions For Life In DNA

inDNA Life Sciences Private Limited is the first DNA based Clinic and a molecular platform innovated to offer customized solutions for identification of DNA based changes and its impact on the health and disease outcome. In the last three decades, with the advent of high end technology and tools in Molecular Life sciences, there has been a transition from Blood/Serum/Sputum/Tissue, Protein based diagnostics to Nucleic Acid( DNA/RNA) based Diagnostics.

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Corporate Office

Corporate Office & Central Reference Laboratory

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Central Branch Office

inDNA Centre for Research and Innovation in Molecular Diagnostics

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Kolkata Branch Office

Kolkata Branch Office & Collection Centre

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