Board Of Management

Board Of Management

Dr. Birendranath Banerjee

Founder & Managing

Dr. Birendranath Banerjee is trained in the area of Molecular Genetics in general and stress induced Genome instability in particular. He has been extensively working on the stress patterns of 21st century life style and its effect on health and disease. He has founded inDNA Life Sciences Pvt Ltd which envisions promoting personalized medicine services and DNA based Diagnostics for detection, prevention and management of life style diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Obesity, Hypertension and Cancer. Biren strongly believes that sequencing the DNA and gaining information is not the key but understanding the function and sharing the knowledge of DNA is the most important step in molecular medicine. He is awarded DBT Crest award by Department of Science and technology Govt of India. He is a young scientist and a technopreneur who believes in converting Life Span into health span and adds life to the number of days lived rather than days to the life we live.

Mr Jyoti Bhushan Pany


A serial entrepreneur, Mentor and Angel Investor. Mr. Pany, is a Chemical Engineer from Nagpur University & started his entrepreneurial journey by starting an Aromatic Chemical industry in 1976-77, manufacturing Perfumery Intermediates. Then ventured into Fiberglass (FRP) products manufacturing named as Mechem Pvt. Ltd, which is presently producing Boats & other Industrial products.

Thereafter went into producing TV’s & other consumer electronic products. The advent of C-DOT & one of his gurus, Sri Sam Pitroda enabled him to get involved in the Telecom revolution of India. Radiant Telesystems Limited, which was one of the first private manufacturer of Digital Rural Exchanges, which enabled India to leapfrog into the digital age in communication, making the country truly voice & data connected & heralded the IT revolution.

Also, he was the Past Chairman of CII Odisha, as well as was the past chairman of Indo- American Chamber of Commerce, Odisha. Founder President of TiE Bhubaneswar & involved actively in many local & national forums.

An avid Golfer & has been instrumental in setting up the Bhubaneswar Golf Club. Presently is a Director in Ortel Communications Ltd. & a Director in Swosti Hotels & has been mentoring start-ups in Odisha. Mr. Pany’s long experience of over 40 years will immensely benefit INDNA Life Sciences of which he is the co-founder & director.


Ms Paromita Chattoraj

Director (Legal &

Dr. Paromita Chattoraj has a PhD in Law and she graduated with LL.B (Hons) from the Department of law, University of Calcutta and completed her LL.M, with a Gold Medal in 2004. She is involved in supervising the general administration of and particularly overseeing the legal aspects and collaborative ventures of the company. She has been involved with inDNA from the time of its inception as one of the founder Directors. She has been a law teacher and also teaches at KIIT Law School and before that she was involved in litigation for at Calcutta High at Calcutta. She also worked as a Trade Mark Attorney in a reputed IP Company in Singapore. She has been the recipient of ICSSR grant in 2013-14 for data Collection in Los Angeles, Calofornia, USA for the collaborative research on the topic of Sentencing in Rape Cases: A Comparative Analysis of Jurisprudential Developments in the Sentencing Policies Underlying Punishments for the Offence of Rape in India and the United States”. Ph.D. (KIIT University), LL.M (Gold Medallist, Calcutta University), LL.B. Hons. (Calcutta University)