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Company Overview

inDNA Life Sciences is the first DNA based Clinic and a molecular platform innovated to offer customized solutions for identification of DNA based changes and its impact on the health and disease outcome. In the last three decades, with the advent of high end technology and tools in Molecular Life sciences, there has been a transition from Blood/Serum/Sputum/Tissue, Protein based diagnostics to Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) based Diagnostics.  With the completion of Human genome project and Next generation rapid DNA sequencing based platforms, there has been a global phenomenon of Molecular medicine. 

inDNA Life Sciences has taken the first steps to personalize disease management by offering a range of DNA based solutions, to a range of clinical problems, in the fields of Cytogenetics, Cancer, Genetic Disorders and Mendelian defects.

Although the Company was formally founded and legalized in the month of May 2012, but a lot of research and validation has gone in since last decade by the founder Dr. Birendranath Banerjee and his team. 

Initial years and Inception

Dr. Birendranath Banerjee has been researching on clinical genetics since 1999 and after finishing his education with a post-doctoral stint; he came back to India and started collaborating with clinicians to know various lacunae in Molecular Diagnostics in India. He has been funded for various projects in the last 5 years from the Government agencies and he has been correlating his techniques and methods which are developed and patented by him to offer as a DNA based Diagnostic tools for detecting various conditions. 

The start-up Journey (2013-2015)

inDNA Life Sciences was incubated in Technology Business Incubator KIIT- TBI since 2013 and was recognized and supported by Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Govt of India, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Technology Development Board (TDB), National Science and Technology Development Board (NSTDB). The company has developed DNA based diagnostics platform and has started offering its unique Diagnostics services in Bhubaneswar and Kolkata.

inDNA is currently operating in the areas of Molecular Cytogenetics, OncoGenectics, and Molecular Fertility & PediaGenetics. The company has successfully installed a one of its kind Next generation DNA sequencing platform which is a first among such Installation in Eastern India. The laboratory is now an NABL accredited laboratory in compliance to ISO 15189:2012 (Cert. No.: MC-2046) as per the recommended scope of services, becoming the first and the only accredited molecular genetic laboratory presently operating in Eastern part of the country. The laboratory has also successfully tied up or collaborated with the leading clinicians in these fields. The tests currently offered by inDNA have been adequately validated in its own laboratory facility, while making an effort to create a database for the mutations pertinent to the population of Indian origin.

  • Mission

    inDNA Life Sciences is committed to offer complete range of customised panel of DNA based diagnostic solutions which are accurate, reliable and affordable to patients and clinically relevant for doctors.

  • Vision

    To personalise, predict and prevent diseases by making next generation DNA based diagnostics routine in the clinical practice.

  • Goal

    To achieve the status of a sought after destination for DNA based solutions for patients and clinicians in Indian sub-continent.